Scheme of Study

M.Phil in Religions & Philosophy

Semester 1

 Course Code  Title  Credit Hours
 RP-101  Fundamental issues in the study of World Religions  3
 RP-102  The life of the Prophet (PBUH)  3
 RP-103  The life of Jesus Christ (PBUH)  3
 RP-104  Research methodology  3

Semester 2

 Course Code  Title  Credit Hours
 RP-201  Major themes in the Philosophy of Religion  from a Western perspective  3
 RP-202  Major Themes in Muslim Philosophy  3
 RP-203  Reading Texts from Holy Books of Taught Religions  3
 RP-204  Optional Courses - select one
 RP-204.1 Introduction to Hinduism
 RP-204.2 Introduction to Sikhism
 RP-204.3 Introduction to Buddhism

Semester 3 & 4

 Course Code  Title  Credit Hours
 RP-301 & RP-401  Thesis Research  6
   Total credit hours  30