The advanced countries like USA. UK. Japan, China and fast developing countries of the Far East are incurring a large portion of their GDP on education. The prime objective of universities is to generate sufficient number of experts in every field of human activity. These countries have adopted such a liberal policy that the private sector universities outnumber the public sector universities. The cumulative effect of their liberal policy has resulted in the production of a large number of scholars and trained work force. These pragmatic policies have brought about a visible change in their society.

Pakistan, being a developing country, is enforced to keep pace with the technological developments occurring in the West. This can be brought about only through a skillfully developed, technologically sound human resources. Therefore, the need to remap our educational system is a peer pressure challenge. With this in view, the establishment of a progressive university capable of serving the growing needs of modern education was conceived. I express my profound gratitude to Allah and feel extremely satisfied in declaring that the idea has been brought to fruition with a full fledged university by the name of Minhaj University Lahore.

Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
Chairman, Board of Governors