Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for BS Software Engineering admission was agreed to be intermediate with mathematics or equivalent qualifications; however, universities/institutions may define their own admission criteria.

BS Software Engineering

4 Years Program (8 Semesters)

 Code  Semester 1  Cr. Hrs.  Code  Semester 2  Cr. Hrs.
 ENG100  English-I (Functional English)  3  ENG200  English-II (Communication Skills)  3
 ISL101  Islamic Studies  2  PAK201  Pakistan Studies  2
 CS102  Introduction to Computing  3+1  CS202  Object Oriented Programming  3+1
 CS103  Programming Fundamentals  3+1  MT203  Linear Algebra  3
 MT104  Calculus and Analytical Geometry  3  EL204  Basic Electronics  2+1
 CS105  Discrete Structures  3  MG205  Marketing  3
   Total Credit Hours  19    Total Credit Hours  18


 Code  Semester 3  Cr. Hrs.  Code  Semester 4  Cr. Hrs.
 ENG300  English-III (Technical and Report Writing)  3  SE400  Object Oriented Software Engineering  3+1
 CS301  Data Structure and Algorithms  3+1  ST401  Differential Equations  3
 CS302  Digital Logic and Design  3+1  MG402  Principles of Management  3
 MT303  Probability and Statistics  3  SE403  Software Requirement and Specification  3
 CS304  Software Engineering  3+1  ST404  Visual Programming  2+1
   Total Credit Hours  18    Total Credit Hours  16


 Code  Semester 5  Cr. Hrs.  Code  Semester 6  Cr. Hrs.
 CS500  Operating Systems  3+1  MG600  Accounting and Finance  3
 CS501  Introduction to Database Systems  3+1  CS601  Computer Communication and Networks  3+1
 MT502  Advanced Calculus  3  CS602  Artificial Intelligence  2+1
 CS503  System Analysis and Design  3  SE603  Software Architecture and Design  3
 MG504  Human Resource Management  3  SE604  Software Verification and Validation  3
       SE605  Web Systems and Technologies  2+1
   Total Credit Hours  17    Total Credit Hours  19


 Code  Semester 7  Cr. Hrs.  Code  Semester 8  Cr. Hrs.
 CS700  Human Computer Interaction  3  SE800  Object Oriented Analysis and Design  3
 SE701  Software Project Management  3  SE801  Data Warehousing  3
 SE702  Cloud Computing  3  GE802  Professional Practices  3
 SE703  Enterprise Security Architecture-I  3  SE803  Enterprise Security Architecture-II  3
 CS804  Final Year Project  3  CS804  Final Year Project  3
   Total Credit Hours  15    Total Credit Hours  15

Expected Program: The following programs are expected to launch in near future;

  1. MS/ M.Phil Software Engineering
    Duration: - 2 Years (04 Semesters, 02 Semester per year)
    Total Credit Hours: - 30
    Eligibility: - BS Computer Science/Information Technology, M.Sc. Computer Science, MIT
  2. Master of Software Engineering (M.Sc. SE)
    Duration: - 4 Years (08 Semesters, 02 Semester per year)
    Eligibility: - Computer Science graduate
    Scheme of Study of these programs is as under;

MS/ M.Phil. Software Engineering

2 Years Program (4 Semesters)

1st Year

 Code  Semester 1  Cr. Hrs.  Code  Semester 2  Cr. Hrs.
 SE900  Requirements Engineering  3  SE903  Advanced Object Oriented Software Engineering  3
 SE901  Software Quality Assurance  3  SE904  Advanced Software Architecture and Design  3
 SE902  Research Methods (Elective I)  3  SE905  *Elective II  3
   Total Credit Hours  9    Total Credit Hours  9

2nd Year

 Code  Semester 3  Cr. Hrs.  Code  Semester 4  Cr. Hrs.
 SE906  *Elective III  3  SE908  Thesis (full registration)  3
 SE907  *Elective IV  3      
 SE908  Thesis (partial registration)  3      
   Total Credit Hours  9    Total Credit Hours  3