Minhaj University is committed to the ethics of excellence. Through its sagaciously tailored educational programs. It is playing its own vital part in accelerating the pace of national development and reconstruction, with a shift from routine education to the concept of human capital formation. It aims at rebirth of latent potentialities of the youth of the country, so that their skills can be enhanced and they can be transformed into properly educated and trained workforce capable of contributing to and strengthening of the national economy of the country. The University with its character and culture of promoting the Islamic social values will fortify moral fiber of the youth.

It is our mission to make the younger generation grow into competent leaders in their own disciplines and executives of the future taking them into the main stream of national life. The University equips its students with sound personality and excellent academic and vocational skills to turn them into dynamic, creative and productive human beings equipped with moral vigour and spiritual vitality who would play an integral role in realizing the goal of acquiring national splendor.

Deputy Chairman, Board of Governors