Rules and Regulations


1. There shall be two regular semesters in an academic year. In addition there may be one Summer Session with 8-week duration.

2. Each semester will be of 16-18 working weeks: sixteen weeks for teaching, one week for the conduct of examination and one week for the preparation and submission of results.

3. The contact hours during the Summer Semester will be doubled.

4. The teacher will provide a detailed course outline to the students within three days of the beginning of the semester and shall send a copy of the course outline and work plan to the Dean.



1. A minimum of 124-136 credits to be normally earned in eight semesters are required for the four-years (Hons.) Degree program and 64- 76 for the 2 year Master Degree Programme to be normally earned in 8/4 semesters.

2. A course may normally range from one credit hour to four credit hours.

3. The minimum number of contact hours in a course will be 15 per semester for one credit hour course.

4. One credit hour stands equivalent to one-hour class contact per week per semester. For practical/laboratory work, 3 hours shall be considered equivalent to one credit hour.

5. Two years Bachelor Degree under Annual System is equivalent to 60 credit hours in the semester system: A Bachelor (Honors) degree program will consist of 124-136 credit hours.

6. Student after 2year Bachelor degree (annual system) should be enrolled in Bachelor (Honors) Program to complete remaining 64 -76 credit hours (if the courses taken by them during the 2 year Bachelor Program (annual system) are relevant to the Bachelor (Hons.)/ M.A. / M.Sc. / M.Com / MBA.

7. Program courses in which the students want to enroll, e.g. a student of Arts with 2 year Bachelor degree may not be eligible for Bachelor (Hons.) in Sciences, but a student with 2 years bachelors degree in Science may be eligible for admission in BBA Program.



1. Whenever a student fails or gets an 'F' grade, he/she has to repeat the course whenever offered.

2. Undergraduate / M.A./ M.Sc. / MBA / M.Com Students can repeat a D grade if the C.PGA is less than 2.0.

3. A student can be allowed to repeat a maximum of six courses (18 credit hours) to improve their grades at undergraduate / master level.

4. In case a student repeats the course, which has already been taken, the old grade will be substituted with the new grade, (for CGPA calculation) but in case a student takes a new course in lieu of the course in which he/she failed, both the grades will be reflected on his/her transcript, i.e. old course grade and new course grade.



(A) Undergraduate/Master Students:

A regular student is required to take 15 credit hours per regular semester, but however a student can take upto a maximum of 18 credit hours, provided the student fulfils the necessary condition.

(B) MS / M. Phil Students:

A regular student is required to take 9 credit hours per regular semester, but however, a student can take upto a maximum of 12 credit hours, provided the student fulfils the necessary conditions.

(C) Course load for summer semester, Undergraduate/Master students: Undergraduate students' course load is 6 credit hours.

(D) Course load for summer semester, MS / M. Phil students:

Graduate students can take up to 6 credit hours during summer semester.

Repeat course fee calculation formula: Total fee of the Semester Credit hrs. X 1.5/Total Credit Hour = Fee Per Subject



1. A student must have attended at least 75% of the classes held in a course in order to be allowed to sit in the final examination.

2. A student having less than 75% attendance but more than 65% in a particular course and have made up the deficiency in consultation with the concerned teacher, may be allowed by the concerned Dean / Head of Department to sit in the examination.

3. Students having class attendance less than 65% in particular course will be required to repeat the course when it is offered again.



1. When a course, for which a student has enrolled, cannot be offered according to the announced program, the student may take an alternative course. However, this must be done no later than 7 days after the date of enrollment.

2. A student, with the consent of the concerned Dean / Head of Department, may be allowed to (a) change a course within 7 days of commencement of a semester, and (b) drop a course within 5 weeks of the commencement of the semester.

3. Withdrawal from a course will be allowed latest up to one week before the semester examination (i.e. by the end of 14th week) under approval by the course in-charge and Dean / Head of Department. Withdrawn course will appear on transcript with the letter grade W and will not be treated as F grade.



1. The teacher is responsible for the evaluation of work/performance of the students of his/her class and for the award of grades to them on the basis of such evaluation.

2. The weightage of the examination and assignment/attendance etc will be as follows:

 a) Mid Semester Exam 25%

 b) Assignment, Attendance, Quizzes 25%

 c) Final Semester Exam 50%

3. In case a student joins a course after it has started, He / She will be responsible for any missed quizzes, assignments and lectures. The marks in missed quizzes etc will be considered zero while make-up tests, assignments, projects and labs can be arranged in consultation with the teacher/Head of Department.

4. There will be no Supplementary/ Special Examination in Semester System; if a student fails. S/he will have to repeat the course when offered.

5. There shall be no choice in questions in the mid term and final term examination papers.

6. The mid term examination may be eight weeks after the commencement of the semester. The final examination shall be held at the end of the semester.

7. The examinations shall be held on consecutive days excluding holidays which means that no gap shall be allowed between the papers.

8. Each course shall carry at least one home assignment per semester. Home assignments shall be deposited with the concerned teacher.

9. Time limit for the completion of BS (Hons.) degree shall be ordinarily four years (Hons.) Program and two years for the Masters Programme from the beginning of the first semester counted towards the degree but a student repeating the course shall be treated as a special casual student. The time limit for such a student will be extendable up to a maximum of one year.

10. In the case of a genuine reason, a student may freeze his/her studies maximum for one year subject to the permission of the Dean of the concerned faculty. During the “freezing period” the applicant will lose his studentship and shall not be entitled to avail any facility which the University extends to its regular students. At the time of rejoining the studies, he/she has to complete the attendance requirement of the concerned semester and appear in all the components of the semester examination.




1. For graduation, the minimum qualifying C.GPAs for Bachelors/ 2 Year Master is 2.00 & that of MS/M.Phil Students are 2.50.

2. Whenever an undergraduate/2 Year Master student's C.GPA decreases from 2.0, or a MS/M.Phil students C.GPA decreases from 2.5, s/he will be on 1st probation for the next semester. If the undergraduate/2 Year Master student does not come out by increasing his/her C.GPA to 2.0, or a MS/M.Phil student does not come out by increasing his / her C.GPA to 2.5, then again, s/he will go on "Last Probation". If the student who was earlier on 1st probation, does not come out in the last probation by achieving the minimum desired C.GPA, s/he shall be dropped from the Rolls of the Department.



A student must have a regular admission in the Undergraduate / 2 Years Master program of the Department, and should earn a minimum of 60 credit hours out of a total of 124 -130 credit hours from the Department from where s/he will be entitled for the degree.



1. A student must have a regular admission in the MS / M. Phil, program of the Department, and should earn a minimum of 30 credit hours from the Department from where he/ she will be entitled for the degree. (24 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of research).

2. 6 credit hours of research is mandatory for MS / M. Phil, level, however, exemption may be allowed only in those cases where research is not possible. (This exemption from research can only be for arts subjects / disciplines).

3. The Head of Department may allow the student to do course work of 6 credit hours in lieu of 6 credit hours of research. This exemption cannot be allowed if the student wants to do Ph.D. This exemption can only be allowed if the student wants to terminate his / her course at MS / M. Phil. Program.


General Admission Policy:

1. Admission to various degree program is announced in the National Newspapers. The entry requirements have been laid down in the Prospectus.


2. Admission is made normally twice in a year under the semester system.


3. Criteria for admission is merit based on the marks obtained in the previous Board/ University examination followed by the written test and interview by the Admission Committee.


Admission Procedure

I. Inquiry Form:

This form has been designed to collect relevant information about the candidates in order to guide them in choosing the possible program of study.


ii. Application Form:

Generally a candidate fills up this card at the time of his/her visit to the admission office. The application form for admission is provided with the prospectus of each Faculty and is placed at the end. The candidates are to fill up this application form in their own hand writing and submit it along with the required documents to the Admission Office before the due date.


iii. Admission Test/ Interview

The main objective of conducting the Admission Test/Interview is to evaluate the aptitude, academic potential and the level of achievement of the applicant. The admission is offered to those candidates only who qualify the test/interview and fulfill all the requirements and conditions set by the management to maintain the standard of education with moral upkeep.


iv. Fee Challan:

 The fee Challan is issued to the qualified candidates to notify them to deposit their respective dues in HBL (Habib Bank Limited) from all over the Pakistan within due date.


v. Fee Deposit:

The admission is confirmed only when the required fee is deposited in full as per fee deposit scheduled by the candidate within due date.