Social Media Policy

Interactions and communications of institutions with institutions and individuals are made easy through social media. It supplies great platforms to communicate and disseminate information about Minhaj University’s (MUL) events, issues and official announcements. Social media policy of MUL is to encourage the positive usage of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. however it is not intended to pose any restriction on freedom of expression.

The objectives of this policy are to:
a. Provide general instructions for the faculty and the students on the usage of social media during their stay at MUL. 
b. Encourage the usage of social media through MUL’s officials.
c. Regulate the usage of social media.
d. Prevent and discourage any harmful usage of social media against MUL, government institution(s) or any individual.
e. Prevent and confront the fake and wrong information disseminated by any person or group through social media. 
University’s Official Social Media Accounts
Directorate of Social Media, Web and Software Development manages the university’s official social media accounts and websites. The Directorate is responsible for disseminating information of the university related discussions, events, training workshops, seminars, conferences, official visits and announcements. No other person/department holds the official authority to regulate social media regarding MUL.
General Instructions for Employees and Students:
1. Any information related to the university shall be considered authentic only if it is published by this Directorate.
2. No one is allowed to use the official name and logo of the University for any Social Media Forum for any negative campaign. 
3. Any employee or student cannot tag MUL in any irrelevant, fake and dubious posts at any social media page.
4. Nobody can use University’s pictures, videos and other content for any social media forum like TikTok etc.
5. Employees and students are bound NOT to disclose/share any General or ‘confidential’ information, policy matter publicly related to MUL without prior approval of the administration, as it can seriously damage university image and the image of its employees/students.
6. Hashtag # of MUL must NOT be used with negative comments.
7. If any employee or student portrays some of the university related discussion, event or information through his/her personal social media account, it should be portrayed positively. Posting material must not be inappropriate or harmful. 
8. The opinion of an individual (employees) on their social media accounts shall NOT be taken as it is of MUL.
9. Sharing/uploading unethical material, e.g. images, videos, anti-state/anti-government content, or the material that may hurt religious sentiments of other religions/sects, is strictly prohibited as it can cause hostile work environment and attract unnecessary attention to the university.
10. One can seek help from HOD of his/her department for queries about what ‘confidential’ information is about.
Penalties for violation of rules/ Policy
To create or run any social media page/group without the prior permission of competent authority, Use of obscene/offensive language against; MUL, its employees or students will be considered as a violation of Social Media Policy. 
Criticizing MUL policies and posting of material on social media pages/websites/groups/forums will be dealt under disciplinary actions and violators will be expelled from the university for one semester or the degree may be ceased based on the severity of the matter. 
If any student misuses social media, the case shall be sent to the disciplinary committee and if he/ she found guilty strict action will be taken against his/her conduct.
Late/ex university students shall also be dealt under disciplinary rules. The university may write to their employers about their conduct and an application may also be forwarded to the law enforcement agencies to register a case against the culprit. Finally, the university has the authority to cancel his/her degree.
The guilty person may be called to appear before the committee at the Director Academics office for counselling. Counselling Committee will be comprised of three members, Director Academics, Director Student Affairs, and Manager Social Media department.
Note: This policy applies to all MUL employees within as well as after their duty hours and students within the premises and outside the university.