Center for Halal Awareness, Research and Training (CHART)


Center for Halal Awareness, Research and Training (CHART) Halal is science and has two major disciplines i.e. technical and shariah components. Both fields require further understanding where research plays essential role. CHART shall be conducting research and development of new techniques and knowledge in both disciplines. This is core strength of Minhaj that it has technologists and also Islamic scholars and many students who shall pass out from our halal education program; utilizing the understanding and research of its scholars we shall ensure the authentication of halal products and service with our research.
The CHART research shall be rich enough to explore methods that are developed in food science. Chemical or physical analysis or involvement in the development of new applications; similarly study around issues of Halal industry in respect to shariah and Fiqha.
CHART shall be engaged into extensive educational research. 

Programs Offered