School of Commerce & Accountancy


Commerce & Accountancy

It is, since its inception, that the creation and dissemination of quality knowledge is the basic premise of the school. It can be witnessed by looking at the alumni of the school of commerce and accountancy, who have been holding the highest seats of conceit and recognition in the country. Currently, our school is focusing on delivering hands-on knowledge to its students, by aligning education with real-world needs of industry and society. It is, therefore, academic, mental, physical and psychological grooming has always been the main goalmouth at our end.
For this purpose, the school is equipped with technologically developed computer labs, classrooms and library, in its academic block. The school of commerce feels pride in having a faculty which is no doubt “Crème de la Crème”, a beautiful blend of experience and energy.


To be a leader in the education of commerce and accountancy.


To impart the quality education to our students equipped with professional, practical and research oriented skills compatible with the contemporary commerce and accountancy requirement.
Scope of the field (Subjects)

  •  Accounting & Finance
  •  Trade & Commerce
  •  Business Administration
  • Management Sciences
  • Economics Banking & Finance
  • Islamic Economics & Finance
  • Economics Banking & Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
Facilities available in the department
  • Computer Lab
  • Departmental library
Career Path:
  • Banks (Conventional banks & Islamic Banks)
  • Multinational Companies
  • Public sector organizations (SECP, AG Office, FBR, Custom & Excise Department etc.)
  • Audit & Accounts Officers

Programs Offered