School of Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline concerned with the design and application of equipment, devices and systems which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. The School of Electrical Engineering offers cutting-edge degree programs that impart the necessary skills to start a career in a broad range of industries. The Electrical Engineering graduates have expertise to design devices for sensing and actuation; they create communication systems for efficient and reliable transmission of information; they develop power systems for reliable delivery of electrical energy, and they create algorithms for optimum management of automatic control systems.
To help the students develop these skills, the Electrical Engineering program at Minhaj University aims at providing a background in the domains of physical sciences, computation techniques, and mathematics. In addition to that, concept areas such as electronic circuits, control systems, communication systems, electromagnetics, microprocessor systems, power transmission/distribution and electrical machines are also covered. The graduates are offered specializations in fields of Telecommunication and Power Engineering, as per the approved curriculum of the regulatory bodies such as PEC/HEC. The field of Telecommunication Engineering focuses on developing systems for transmitting and processing of information using digital and analog communication mechanisms. While, in the field of Power Engineering, students are imparted knowledge to develop electrical systems for generation, distribution and transmission of electrical energy.

Scope of the field (Subjects)
Electrical engineers work primarily in different industries for the development of practical solutions. The industries that employ electrical engineers include power sector, telecommunication, automotive, marine, consumer electronics, and traffic control. Electrical engineering graduates can also pursue higher education to tackle research problems in various domains of Electrical Engineering.

Facilities available in the department 
  • Computer Lab
  • Electronics Lab 1
  • Electronics Lab 2
  • Instrumentation and Control Lab
  • Machine Lab
  • Power System Lab
  • Antenna and Microwave Lab
  • Embedded and Digital Communication Lab
Career Path:

An electrical engineer may adopt one of the following career paths:
Control and instrumentation engineer
Design engineer
IT consultant
Network engineer
Technical support engineer
Systems analyst
Power system planning, control and optimization engineer