School of Sociology



The School of Sociology is committed to the pursuit of excellence in creation and transmission of knowledge related to social dynamics. It encompasses all aspects of human interaction. The School lays special emphasis on holistic grooming of students. It aspires to promote critical thinking and intellectual discourses with a focus on indigenous perspectives and global narratives through the process of research and dialogue. The School also offers a diverse array of interesting and challenging undergraduate and graduate courses from mega lectures to intimate seminars. Academic learning, supported by workshops and seminars, prepare students in variety of fields of sociological specialties.

Highly qualified, motivated and dedicated faculty, having diverse academic and research background, is committed to mentor students in terms of social research and global competitiveness in the discipline of Sociology. The faculty are connected with different networks that encourage research and Social Development through a plethora of networks. They open up new avenues of learning for students and bring them into contact with colleagues from other social sciences and professional schools. 

Programs Offered