School of Software Engineering


Software Engineering

The School of Software engineering at Minhaj University Lahore aims to produce high tech new stream of best young intellectuals to transform them into the leaders of tomorrow’s technical leading industry. In order to fulfill our mission, we strive to create a culture that attracts develops and retains the best minds available. The school of software engineering encourages the faculty members and students to undertake, development and research with the industry collaboration.

The school of software engineering offers courses with research-based teaching. The programs are designed to satisfy general market requirements. The class instructions and interaction with student’s is conducted in English. In order to ensure that a graduate possess the written and spoken fluency in English. The courses are designed to meet the requirements of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The curriculum is revised by MUL statutory body (Board of Study) periodically.

While designing our curriculum we keep in mind that the Students will apply the basic principles of software engineering for providing reliable software in practices. We make sure that our students have acquired the necessary skills to coup with problem analysis, design, implementation, deployment software, and maintenance skills.