School of Statistics



HOD: Dr.Muhammad Hafeez

The BS Statistics, M.Sc Statistics and M.Phil in Statistics are designed to provide a broad spectrum that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. The first three years are devoted to introduction of all key areas of Statistics and some courses from related disciplines to broaden the thinking perspective and vision of the students. The final year is focused on mastering the skills in Statistics.

An intelligent and prudent selection of courses depending upon aptitude of the students will enable them to develop mental facilities towards the field of specialization.

The subject of Statistics has significantly flourished and continuously gained importance. Statistics has ascended to central position in the international development like globalization, institutional development, and sustainable economic growth. The Statistics of any country aim at enhancing human welfare and development of quality of life of its people. Experts of Statistics play vital role in the formation and implementation of economic policies.

The Minhaj University plays significant role proving excellent training for this purpose.

Programs Offered