School of Statistics



The curricula of this school are based on a solid foundation with balanced coverage of theory and practice and undergo frequent update to keep the content current. The mission is to train students to become Data Scientists and highly professionals who are hardworking, responsible, and good team players, with the skills and capabilities, to contribute to the development of local and regional societies, and to be able to survive in the increasingly competitive global market. At the School of Statistics, students will not only gain knowledge but more importantly understand the principles and importance of life-long learning. The programs are designed in a way that enables students to think critically about applications of statistics in various fields and analyze various types of data and interpret the results effectively.

Scope of the field (Subjects)

Statistics is not a mere device for collecting numerical data but as a means of developing sound techniques for their handling, analyzing and drawing valid inferences from them. Statistics is applied in every sphere of human activity – social as well as physical – like Biology, Commerce, Education, Planning, Business Management, Information Technology, etc. It is almost impossible to find a single department of human activity where statistics cannot be applied.

Facilities available in the department

Departmental Library
Computer Laboratories

Career Path:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Data Scientists
  • Consultants in statistics
  • Statistical Officer in different organizations e.g.
  •  Federal Bureau of Statistics,
  • Provincial Bureau of Statistics
  • Banks
  • Health Department(Statistician)
  • Industries (Quality Control Officer)
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Population Census
  • Agriculture Census
  • Financial Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Meteorologist

Programs Offered