Dr. Sajida  Begum

Dr. Sajida Begum

Assistant Professor

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  • Political Science, Minhaj University Lahore (2022)
  • Mphil , Punjab University (2007)


  • Empowered Iron , In a Complex Region (Middle East): Tehran`s Foreign Policy Challenges and Dimensions in the 21st Century
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  • Nuclear Program of Iran and Perception of West
    Journal Name: Journal of Pakistan Vision
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  • Muslim League in Balochistan
    Journal Name: JPRSS
  • The Seminaries of Lahore: A Challenge or Contribution to Society
  • Pak-Afghan Relations in the Perspective of War on Terror
    Journal Name: JPRSS
  • Changing Dynamics of Pakistan-India Relationship and Kashmir Predicament
    Journal Name:  Journal of The Punjab University, Historical Society
  • Historical Perspective of Political and Constitutional Development in Pakistan
  • Leadership Role of Hassan Rouhani and Nuclear Deal of Iran
    Journal Name: GIRR
  • Nuclear Efforts of Iran under the shadow of US Sanctions
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    Volume # Vol, V, NO III Page # 60-67