Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology


Computer Science and Information Technology Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, offers high-tech courses with research based teaching. We believe that our course of action during study in these programs enables the students to improve their skills and to place them for the competitive positions in the market as our computing education follows the curriculum and quality standards chalked by NCEAC. Through this, we make sure that our students have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to produce computer-based optimal solutions to the problems from the areas such as computer science, Information Technology, artificial intelligence, management, telecommunication, networking etc.

The Faculty of CS & IT has three schools: the School of Computer science, School of Information Technology and School of Software engineering. The programs offered in these school are well-tailored toward producing professionals in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security with the capacity to build new heights in innovation and enhanced technology to provide the world with an even better tomorrow. Moreover, this faculty has four undergraduate programs and one graduate program for students curious to learn computer science and information technology with hands-on experience in the advanced computer labs.