Faculty of Economics and Management Science


Economics and Management Science

In this age of globalization, there is an intense competitive pressure both in domestic as well as in international trade with an ever expanding need for Business Administrators, Economists, Marketing Experts, Financial Analysts, and Bankers. The faculty of Economics & Management Sciences at MUL is making every effort to share its responsibility in this regard by offering modern professional education to young generation. Currently, we are offering various courses in Economics & Finance, Islamic Economics, Banking & Finance Programs, Business Management and Commerce & Accountancy. However, among the conventional academic departments of this faculty, the School of Islamic economics, Banking & Finance have its distinction in being the most recent school in all over Pakistan. This school aims to educate and produce competent graduates and scholars who are knowledgeable in Shari’ah as well as in modern disciplines such as law, economics, finance, management, commerce, accounting, and information technology.

At SIEBF, the students are given thorough groundings in theoretical and applied research on Islamic Economics, Business, and Islamic Banking & Finance with industry exposure. The focus is to develop their creative skills in devising new and comprehensive Islamic financial instruments and products for public and industry.  During their studies, students undergo a nine-week compulsory internship in any manufacturing, commercial, or trade organization. Upon successfully attaining professional qualifications, our graduates can meet the contemporary challenges faced by business organizations, tackling intricate problems most effectively and efficiently.

Furthermore, we offer an environment where students are motivated to achieve a real balance among professional, educational competence and most precious personal. Drawing on these strengths, the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences has a proven record of integrity, dedication and student care in all its efforts to make Minhaj University Lahore as a sure sign of quality among the top class educational institutions in the world.


To be at the cutting edge of Economics, Financial, Commerce, and Management education and research within the national and global context.


  1. To exhibit excellence in teaching and research with emphasis on integrity, social responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. We uphold the commitments to create intellectual capability and critical thinking in students to be successful in a dynamic, social, and business environment.
  2. To produce skilled professionals and researchers in disciplines of Economics, Management, Commerce, Accounting, Islamic Banking and Finance, having knowledge and competences to make innovative and creative contributions.