Faculty of Engineering & Technology


Engineering & Technology

The Faculty of Engineering at Minhaj University Lahore consists of two departments: the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering. Both Departments have well-equipped and state-of-the-art laboratories and have well-experienced highly-qualified foreign staff. BSc Chemical Engineering and BSc Electrical Engineering are accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The faculty leads in state-of-the-art scientific research in critical areas within the engineering fields, with the distinct relevance to the systems of the strategic need at national and international level; such as electrical and satellite communication equipment, electric power generation hydro-dams and petrochemicals, construction enterprises, medicine sectors, fertilizers plants, as well as other general organizations.

The faculty has separate Industrial Advisory Board for both electrical and chemical engineering. The experts from relevant industries and academia are permanent members of these boards. Quality knowledge is ensured at this faculty, and the students are trained for lifelong education in engineering and scientific understanding for the integrated engineering system analysis, design, improvement, and evaluation. The students are groomed to deliver educational leadership in public and private organizations and professional societies.
The university provides a knowledgeable and adept environment that encourages the students and the engineering faculty to practically contribute in improving engineering insight and innovative practices of electrical and chemical engineering.