BS Cyber Security

BS Cyber Security

Eligibility Criteria:

1). FSC Pre Engineering, ICS with 50%. 2). FA or I.Com with Mathematics (200 Marks) 3). A Level with 3 full credit A level subject with mathematics among these 3 subjects. All 3 subjects should not have grade less than E. 4). FSC Pre Medical. Students with Fsc pre med must have to pass deficiency courses of mathematics of 6 Cr. Hrs in first 2 semesters.
BS Cyber Security
Duration 4 Years
Total Semester 8
Total Package 997,000
At Admission Time 27,500
Additional Charges at the time of Admission 2,700 *
Examination Fee 2,500
Total Amount (At Admission) 30,200
Installment 60750 * 16
* Additional Charges at the time of Admission
Library Security Fee (Refundable) 2,000
Student Card 200
Library & Magazine Fund 500
Total Additional Charges 2,700

Features of the Program

Best Labs

Best Teachers

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