Basic Sciences and Mathematics


The Faculty of Basic Sciences and Mathematics began its operations in 2005, following the establishment of Minhaj University Lahore (ACT XII of 2005). The Schools of Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, and Statistics were inaugurated under this faculty after the university was chartered in October 2005.

Since its inception, the faculty has been committed to advancing knowledge and pioneering new research in their fields. State-of-the-art laboratories have been constructed, furnished with modern technology and tools, to ensure the provision of an exceptional educational environment.


To be the home for world class scholars, recognized for their innovation, discovery and excellence.


To provide valuable guidance related to modern scientific world and enable the students to face challenges of modern world through quality educational practices and research.

Dr. Talib Hussain

Dr. Talib Hussain

The importance of Basic Sciences to build professional excellence in different scientific fields is essential. Without a sound knowledge of basic sciences, professional success and perfection is unthinkable as basic sciences are the precursors to the highly competitive professions of medicine, engineering, computer science and many other applied scientific disciplines. The demand for qualified scientists is and will always be on increase. To meet this end, at MUL, we emphasize on acquisition of practical knowledge along with the theoretical discussions to repose confidence and better understanding of the subjects. The faculty is the house of six academic schools: School of Chemistry, School of Physics, School of Botany, School of Zoology, School of Mathematics and School of Statistics. A well experienced and highly qualified faculty members are appointed for these schools to impart the teaching/training with an analytical and practical approach in a stimulating intellectual environment. The capabilities are developed to meet the challenges of the modern world and a competitive spirit is imbued in our students. Therefore, the educational experience with us is not only rewarding but also provides a firm basis for professional success.