To efficiently disseminate the Islamic understanding, rules, mechanisms and its application in the field of Economics, banking and Finance.
To provide a dynamic and all-inclusive collaboration platform to the economists, finance experts, policy makers, and institutes for research advancement in the area of Economics and Finance in Islamic perspective

To be the top institute for global economists, financiers and policy makers.
To be the torch bearer for Global economic and financial system through collaboration among Institutions and intellectuals worldwide at national as well as global level.



Our focus is to encourage global collaborative efforts to upgrade the practical application and governance literature according to future needs of the global society using Islamic concepts, principles, rules and doctrines of governance in economic institutions to promote their efficiency and justice in their activities. We strive our best to support Islamic Economists in developing profound understanding of governance from an Islamic perspective. ICRIE is currently conducting research on various areas, such as; Sharia Governance, Regulatory issues for Islamic Banking, Constitute of Pakistan and Islamic Economics with Welfare, Human development and Cooperate Social Responsibility.


International Center for Research in Islamic Economics (ICIRE) has been primarily established and entrusted to produce quality human capital resources for the global Islamic economics and finance industry. In line with its vision to be the knowledge leader in Islamic economics in the light of Shariah principles, ICRIE has been working with full dedication and commitment to the arena of research since its foundation.
ICRIE invites and engages researchers in research projects, book publications, journals and working paper series with internal and external individuals as well as industry experts.

Training and Capacity building

ICRIE’s Capacity Building initiatives are vital to promote the long-term sustainability of Islamic economic and finance institutions in current practice. Our training explains evidence-based research in academic institutions related to application of Islamic principles and decision making in economic policy space.
Our capacity building activities provides opportunities of originating fresh ideas by organizing Training Workshops, Research Seminars, and Policy Dialogues. These activities bring together practitioners and stakeholders globally, target specific capacity gaps, and disseminate internationally benchmarked knowledge to contribute to a larger culture of demanding and utilizing data and research evidence in Islamic economics and policy practices.
ICRIE also provides following short training programs.
Islamic Economics Awareness Program: This program focuses on teaching Economics to create positive thinking on Islamic Perspective on teaching Economics in their undergrad programs.
Islamic Finance Awareness Program: The training programs enhances the skills of applying economic principles in the operations of these institutions.
Accounting & Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOFI) Short Courses: It promotes dialogue through workshops, seminars and trainings for positive but critical review of current framework in economic planning to achieve macroeconomic objectives towards growth, equity, and social harmony.

Conferences and Seminars

Producing a healthy discussion on contemporary issues and providing an international platform to national and international scholars is the prime endeavor of International Center of Research in Islamic Economics (ICIRE). We conduct various policy level discussion forums, seminars and international research conferences in collaboration with School of Islamic Economics Banking and Finance (SIEBF) to develop profound understanding of governance from an Islamic perspective. In this regard, World Islamic Economics and Finance Conference (WIEFC) is also conducted annually under the umbrella of Minhaj University with the collaboration of various national and global Islamic Financial Institutions.

International center for research in Islamic economics (ICRIE) is a professional institution in the Muslim World dedicated to the cause of Islamic Economics.