To formulate the needed skills among researchers who will make educational difference at national and international level.

To foster the intellectual growth and development of future researchers by equipping them with advanced technological skills relevant to their respective fields of research. This will involve expediting the acquisition of scholarly acumen among students and novice researchers, with a focus on promoting theoretical knowledge, problem-solving proficiency, and self-directed learning. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a dynamic research culture within academia that values excellence, innovation, and collaboration.

The Centre for Research and Development (CRD) at Minhaj University Lahore serves as a hub for the advancement and dissemination of research. Since its inception, the center has been highly active and productive, offering guidance and training to both faculty and students in order to bolster their research skills and capacities. Moreover, it is committed to fostering innovative thinking across a variety of academic disciplines, particularly among young scholars, and plays a vital role in facilitating intellectual exchange and discourse through its management of academic forums and dialogues.
CRD endeavors to encourage collaboration and engagement among faculty, scholars, students, and industry experts in order to enhance research capabilities, academic excellence, informed decision-making, and pioneering research and dissemination. The center consistently seeks out new developments and breakthroughs to showcase and share with the academic community, prioritizing those with a significant impact and actionable outcomes. Its approach is marked by a commitment to thoroughness, relevance, and impact.
It seeks to expand its horizons by promoting collaborative quantitative research endeavors among both students and faculty on timely and innovative topics of significant importance. CRD operates as an umbrella organization, with four key departments working diligently to prepare and equip researchers and students alike with the skills and tools necessary to thrive within the research culture.

Centre of Research and Development (CRD) is primarily meant for the development and promotion of Research in Minhaj University Lahore. The Centre has been active and productive since its very inception. It gives orientations and trainings for the capacity building and enhancement of Research for both the teachers and the students.