The inception of the English Language Center (ELC) took place in July 2022 with an aim to enhance students' language proficiency and cultivate critical thinking skills, enabling them to effectively engage with academic materials across various disciplines. The primary objective of the center is to establish a strong foundation in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of English language. Within the ELC, students will gain confidence in engaging in conversations, composing essays, and delivering presentations at an advanced level. The center adopts a blended approach through Skill-Based Language Teaching, integrating various teaching methods and techniques. The progress of students is continuously assessed throughout the semester to ensure their development. The instructors at ELC are actively involved in research projects at both national and international levels. Proficiency in English equips students with the necessary tools to communicate and travel more effectively; expanding their opportunities for exploration and learning in different parts of the world.


  • Effect of Process-Genre Approach on Writing Performance among Academic Writing Learners at the University Level in Pakistan
  • Classroom Assessment Practices of English Teachers at the Secondary School Level in Punjab Pakistan
  • The Thematic Analysis of Children at Lesson by Alamgir Hashmi
  • Application of Roland Barthes' Narrative Codes to Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone
  • Critical Analysis of Zoomorphism Narrative Language Technique: Little Bird Moth’s Attributes in the Characters of Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid
  • Narratological Analysis of English as a Second Language Students’ Success Stories
  • A Corpus-Based Analysis of      the Speech Act of Complaint by Urdu Speakers
  • Language and Gender in    Pakistani Newspaper: Use of Interactional Meta-discoursal Markers in Male and Female Bloggers
  • Communitarian Perspective on Autonomy and Human Identities
  • Effects of Process-Genre Approach on Writing Anxiety among English Academic Writing Learners in Pakistan
  • Communitarianism as a Response to the Ideal  of Education for Autonomy
  • Process-Genre Approach to Teaching Writing   University Foundation Course Students in Pakistan

To effectively teach students the English language skills and its practical application in real-life scenarios.