Social Sciences & Humanities


Social Scientists are the backbone of countries and vital for social, political, and economic networking. Keeping the critical significance of social sciences and its demand in view, MUL stipulates the Social Sciences & Humanities faculty.

The faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities at MUL is extended to all the eleven academic schools, including; Political Science, International Relations, Peace & Counter Terrorism Studies, Criminology & Criminal Justice System, Behavioral Sciences, Education, History & Pakistan Studies, Mass Communication, Library & Information Science, Religion & Philosophy and Sociology.

In this faculty, well-rounded, comprehensive and diverse ranges of programs are offered to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. Our main goal is to cater to both intellectual and professional needs of the young generation, therefore, the faculty's syllabi and courses have been specially designed with a two-fold objective. They are intended to help students use their newly gained skills and knowledge to pursue their aspirations while also aiming to impart profound information in the relevant field.

Furthermore, a degree in the Social Sciences discipline prepares an individual to succeed in any professional sphere. At MUL, every department that is run by the faculty includes a combination of courses that enables the students to pass various high-profile competitive examinations of Pakistan such as CSS, PCS, PMS, etc. with excellent marks.


To disseminate the holistic understanding of the subjects taught in the various fields of social sciences with special emphasis on theoretical history, advanced knowledge, and character building.


To be the top institute for providing advanced education, conducting novel research in the fields of Social Sciences & Humanities, and producing well-rounded graduates ripe for starting their career.

Dr. Khawaja Alqama

Dr. Khawaja Alqama

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities at MUL where we are committed to nurturing you into intellectual beings with creative minds, and critical thinkers; along with grooming you into striking professionals of your chosen fields. Hence, we combine dissemination of knowledge with character building which is our real strength and our social capital. Dear students! Remember one thing and that is “character is a true power in a much higher sense than knowledge” Furthermore, as you embark on your educational journey with us, my dedicated faculty members will always be there to provide you personalized guidance and support both educationally and personally. Therefore, I encourage you to seize the opportunity of being in an institute that truly cherishes you, care for your professional growth and takes pride in your achievements.