Faculty of Languages is a vibrant and multidisciplinary unit that offers students the opportunity to master different languages, develop an understanding of literary and cultural traditions, and pursue studies in their linguistics and literature. The faculty comprises three major language sections –Arabic, Urdu and English; offering programs from undergraduate to doctorate level. To cover the vast aspects of literature and linguistics, we have equally substantial libraries and resource centers that help the students with their education, conducting research and personal readings.
We also foster a vibrant culture that promotes peace, diversity, tolerance, and critical thinking which makes a person more humane. 


To house diversity and provide stimulating learning environment where students of multiple backgrounds and horizons work toward attaining their educational and professional goals.


To equip students with cross-cultural and linguistic competency and enable them to become successful and responsible citizens of the country and of interconnected world by integrating cultural understanding and knowledge of languages to provide in-depth learning experience.

Dr. Muhammad Fakhar-ul-haq Noori

 Dr. Muhammad Fakhar-ul-haq Noori

Faculty of Languages at MUL offers you much more than mere bookish knowledge. With us, you not only master the in-depth study of languages and develop an understanding of literary and cultural traditions but also learn to think creatively and critically. We introduce you to every opportunity to celebrate linguistic diversity and make meaningful contributions to your respective fields and inspire the next generation.

I, being the Dean of Faculty of Languages, welcome you to this esteemed institute where you are intellectually groomed and polished to build a strong foundation to achieve the zeniths of excellence.