Established at Minhaj University Lahore (MUL) in Pakistan, the Centre for Halal Awareness, Research, and Training (CHART) stands as a pioneer in the realm of halal education, research, and industry advancement. CHART's commitment to fostering halal awareness and cultivating a thriving halal industry has garnered recognition from both the government and the halal industry.

Through strategic partnerships with key industry players, CHART bridges the gap between academia and industry, providing students with hands-on training and practical experience that aligns with the dynamic halal landscape. This comprehensive approach equips graduates with the expertise to contribute meaningfully to the growth and integrity of the halal industry.

CHART's dedication extends beyond education and training, encompassing a robust research agenda that explores innovative techniques and expands knowledge in both the technical and shariah aspects of halal compliance. This unwavering commitment to research ensures that CHART remains at the forefront of halal industry advancements, continuously refining practices and standards.

CHART is actively engaged in fostering a global network of professionals committed to upholding the integrity of halal products and services. Its contributions extend beyond Pakistan, shaping the halal industry landscape worldwide through knowledge sharing, research collaboration, and professional development. 

Our mission centers around three core pillars: developing and advocating for universally recognized halal standards, providing specialized training and education in halal practices, and conducting cutting-edge research to support industry growth.