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Are you facing educational anxiety, stress or confusion? Reach out for one-on-one meeting. We will be more than available to hear you and provide relief.

FAQs about Academic Advisement

Academic advisement is guidance and support provided to students by the academic advisors to help them navigate their educational journey more effectively. This guidance includes assistance in course selection, understanding academic requirements and career paths, setting goals, and addressing any concerns obstructing academic progress.

To make your academic journey with the university more exciting and memorable, our Undergraduate Student Office under Directorate of Student Affairs is always available to listen and resolve your study-related problems or any other stress that you might be facing. Academic advisement meetings are held twice a month, however, any student facing educational anxiety, stress or confusion can ask for one-on-one meeting. We will be more than available to hear you out and provide relief.

Our main objective is to deliver timely academic advice in a healthy learning environment along with the following services:

  • Provision of academic advice promptly
  • Increase students’ satisfaction and retention.
  • Guide the students in selecting Major, Minor(s) and Distribution Courses as per their interest and help them explore probable outcomes of different combinations.
  • Help in defining life and career objectives and create educational strategies to achieve them.
  • Inform students about enhancing their learning through opportunities related to their fields both inside & outside the university.
  • Support to make the most out of university experience and provide guidance in making informed decisions regarding academic and professional goals.
  • Facilitate students in career development with the latest job/ internship opportunities.
Academic Advisement

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