BS Environmental Science


The 21st century promises for both an exciting time and a challenging world to live in. Many of the most complex challenges are environmental; forcing people to divert their attention towards this field. Meeting these challenges will require problem solving abilities based in natural, social and management sciences, and other disciplines. Environmental Science is the application of a combination of scientific disciplines to issues and questions regarding environmental and socio-economic problems. Environmental degradation, energy crisis, water scarcity, food security; mitigation and adaptation to climate change impacts are the major areas of concern in today’s world.

BS in Environmental Sciences at MUL aims for sustainable development and develop human resource equipped with knowledge to support decisions skills needed to mitigate impacts of climate change or adapt necessary measures and attitude to contribute in development of sustainable life style in the society  to build green economy.

This course will also equip the students with an ability to establish a career in the chemical and process industries as well as Environment Science field.


  • Investigative skills to analyze and assess environmental problems, its interrelationships with other systems of the society.
  • Knowledge and skill necessary for pollution abatement, environmental conservation, management of natural resources and making path to sustainable development.
  • Ability to carry out independent scientific and technical research on various crosscutting aspects of environmental issues.
  • Understanding of the natural environment and to characterize and analyze human impact on environment.
  • Ethical principles and an attitude to commit to responsibilities and to work effectively, as an individual or in a team, on multifaceted and /or multidisciplinary settings.

Career Path

  • Educational and Research organizations
  • Environmental inspectors and officers
  • Industrial Sector
  • Environmental consultancies
  • EPA, HSE and Urban unit EPD
  • Forest and wildlife officers
  • Conservation societies & NGO’s
  • Field officers in Public Health department and WASA

Fee Structure BS Environmental Science

BS Environmental Science
Duration 4 Years
Total Semester 8
Total Package 499,304
At Admission Time 28,500
Additional Charges at the time of Admission 2,700
Examination Fee 3,500
Total Amount (At Admission) 31,200
Installment 29644 * 16
Additional Charges at the time of Admission
Web Portal fee per year for Learning Management Syste 0
Library Security Fee (Refundable) 2,000
Student Card 200
Library & Magazine Fund 500
Total Additional Charges 2,700
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Scheme of Study

Semester 1

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
2 QRMT100 Quantitative Reasoning – I 3
3 CAVE100 Civics and Community Engagement 2
4 SSMC100 Social Media In Current Times 2
5 NSFT100 Science of Food 3
6 IUQN100 Irfan Ul Quran 1
7 ENVM111 Introduction to Environmental Science 3

Semester 2

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 EXPR100 Expository Writing 3
2 QRMT110 Quantitative Reasoning – II 3
3 ENTR100 Entrepreneurship 2
4 AHBS100 Life and Learning 2
5 AHSS100 The Life of Holy Prophet S.A.W.W 3
6 COMP113 Application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 3
7 ENVM121 General Geology 3

Semester 3

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ICOP100 Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan 2
3 ENVM211 Toxic Organics in Environment 3
4 ENVM212 Environmental Laws & Policies 2
5 ENVM213 Fundamentals of Ecology  3
6 BOTN101 Diversity of Plants 4

Semester 4

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ENVM221 Hydrological System and Environment 3
2 ENVM222 Environmental Microbiology 3
3 ENVM223 Natural Resource Management 3
4 ENVM224 Environmental Pollution  3
5 ENVM225 Meteorology 2
6 ZOOL201 Animal Form & Function-I 4

Semester 5

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ENVM311 Occupational Safety & Health 3
2 ENVM312 GIS & Remote Sensing 3
3 ENVM313 Solid Waste Management  3
4 ENVM314 Analytical Techniques in ES 3
5 ENVM315 Environmental Biotechnology 3
6 STAT203 Biostatistics 3

Semester 6

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ENVM321 Climate Change 3
2 ENVM322 Research Methods in Environmental Science  2
3 ENVM323 Natural Hazards & Disaster Management 3
4 ENVM324 Environmental & Health Risk Assessment  3
6 UNRM301 Research Methods 3

Semester 7

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ENVM411 Environmental Impact Assessment 3
2 ENVM412 Environmental Management System 3
3 ENVM413 Environmental Engineering 4
4 ENVM414 Energy and Environment 2
5 INTN401 Internship 3

Semester 8

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ENVM421 Pollution Control Technologies 3
2 ENVM422 Environmental Application of Nanomaterials 3
3 ENVM423 Wastewater Treatment 3
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