BS Library & Information Science


Through a blend of theoretical coursework and hands-on experience, students in the BS program in LIS explore topics such as cataloging and classification systems, knowledge management, information retrieval, resource sharing & networking, research methodologies, and the ethical considerations surrounding information access and privacy. Moreover, the program emphasizes the development of essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and information literacy, which are highly valued in today's job market.


  • To provide students with a deep understanding of the principles, theories, and practices of library and information science, encompassing areas such as information organization, retrieval, management, and dissemination.
  • To equip students with proficiency in utilizing information technologies and digital tools relevant to the field, including library management systems, database software, digital archives, and information retrieval systems.
  • To instill critical thinking skills to assess information needs, identify gaps in information provision, and propose innovative solutions to address complex information challenges.
  • To inculcate the theoretical basis and practical foundations of library and Information Science to cope up with the emerging and current needs of a profession.
  • To bring excellence in education and scholarly research.
  • To develop cooperative measures and establish partnership with parallel institutions and information settings
  • To provide students with the skills to work in libraries and information settings in the competencies listed below.

Career Path

  • Graduates of BS in LIS are well-positioned for a wide range of rewarding careers. They may find employment in:
    • Libraries, archives, museums, government agencies, academic institutions, research organizations, digital media companies, corporate settings, and non-profit organizations.
  • Roles may include librarians, archivists, information specialists, metadata analysts, knowledge managers, research consultants, digital asset managers, and information architects, among others.
  • Academic institutions (Universities, Colleges, Schools, Medical, Technical and commercial colleges)
  • Museum and archives departments
  • Media and Mass Communications organizations

Fee Structure BS Library & Information Science

BS Library & Information Science
Duration 4
Total Semester 8
Total Package 499,000
At Admission Time 28,500
Additional Charges at the time of Admission 2,700
Examination Fee 3,500
Total Amount (At Admission) 31,200
Installment 29625 * 16
Additional Charges at the time of Admission
Web Portal fee per year for Learning Management Syste 0
Library Security Fee (Refundable) 2,000
Student Card 200
Library & Magazine Fund 500
Total Additional Charges 2,700
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Scheme of Study

Semester 1

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ENG100 English-I (Functional English-Compulsory) 3
2 ISL-101 Islamic Studies (Compulsory) 2
3 BSMEDI-LAB-102 Introduction to Computing 3
4 LIS-103 Introduction to Economic 3
5 LIS-104 International Law 3
6 LIS-105 Information, Library & Society (Foundation-1) 3

Semester 2

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ENG200 English-II (Communication Skills-Compulsory) 3
2 PAK-201 Pak Studies 2
3 MAT-202 Mathematics 3
4 LIS-203 Introduction to Communication 3
5 LIS-204 Psychology 3
6 LIS-205 Evolution of Libraries & Information Sources (Foundation-II) 3

Semester 3

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ENG300 English-III (Technical Writing and Presentation Skills) (Compulsory) 3
2 STA-301 Basic Statistics 3
3 LIS-302 Principle of Sociology 3
4 LIS-303 International Law 3
5 LIS-304 User Service in Libraries(foundation-III) 3

Semester 4

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 ENG400 English IV (Advance Academic R & W) 3
2 LIS-401 Gender & Human Rights 3
3 LIS-402 Using the emerging technology in libraries (Foundation-IV) 3
4 LIS-403 Organization of information (Foundation-V) 3
5 LIS-404 Basic reference sources (Foundation-VI) 3

Semester 5

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 LIS-501 Management of Library & information science (Foundation-VII) 3
2 LIS-502 Introduction to publishing and book trade (Foundation-VIII) 3
3 LIS-503 Applied classification (major-1) 4
4 LIS-504 Research Methodology (major-2) 3
5 LIS-505 Marketing of Library and information Services (major-3) 3

Semester 6

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 LIS-506 Quantitative Research Method (foundation-xi) 3
2 LIS-507 Collection development & Management (foundation-x) 3
3 LIS-508 Applied Cataloguing (major-4) 4
4 LIS-509 Library Automation System (major-v) 4
5 LIS-510 Information Literacy (major-xi) 3

Semester 7

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 LIS-601 Library and information services in Pakistan (major-VII) 3
2 LIS-602 Indexing and abstracting (major-VIII) 3
3 LIS-603 Resource sharing and networking (major-IX) 3
4 LIS-608 Knowledge Management 3
5 LIS-605 Digital Libraries 3
6 LIS-606 Qualitative research methods(major-vi) 3

Semester 8

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 LIS-607 Information storage and retrival 4
2 LIS-604 Human Resource Management 3
3 LIS-609 Serial Management 3
4 LIS-610 Research Project/internship (major-xii) 3
5 LIS-611 Research Project/Internship (major-xii) 3
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