M.Phil Criminology


MPhil in Criminology & criminal Justice System is an advanced academic program designed to provide in-depth knowledge and critical understanding of crime, criminal behavior and the intricate working of criminal justice institutions. This multidisciplinary course combines theoretical perspectives with empirical research, covering all the aspects of the field, i.e. criminological theories, criminal law, policing, corrections, forensic science and policies. 

At MUL, our students engage with contemporary issues and challenges in the criminal justice system, developing analytical and research skills that prepare them for careers in academia, research, law enforcement, policy-making and various other sectors dedicated to crime prevention, justice and social reforms. 


  • To provide awareness to public at large about the importance and benefits of the Criminology & Criminal Justice System.
  • To provide innovative ideas in field of criminology and promoting a holistic approach to control the crimes on state and individual level.
  • To do research in the field of Criminology & Criminal Justice System to control & prevent crimes in Society.
  • To facilitate the Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations to achieve the goals of Criminal Justice of Pakistan.
  • To provide training and skills on the subject to Law Enforcing and Intelligence Agencies at Federal and Provincial level.
  • To assist and facilitate the Courts to get the objects of Criminal Justice System in Pakistan.
  • To start joint ventures to promote the blessings of Criminal Justice System with other Institutions & Organizations at all levels.

Career Path

Since the Justice System has become important component of Judicial System. Government is establishing institutions at national level, hence, Criminologists are required to meet the challenges of investigations, rehabilitation, prosecution and trials. Resultantly, Criminologists  have ample of chances to get jobs in; Judiciary, Law Enforcement Agencies (Police, FIU, Rangers, FIA, CIA, ANF, ASF, Anti-Corruption Department, Armed Forces, its Intelligence Agencies ISI, IB,  Prosecution branches at Provincial and Federal level), Educational institutions (Universities, Law Colleges), Research Cells, Reformative and Rehabilitation Centers of prisoners and Juvenile Reformative Centers under Ministries of Interior of Federal  & Provincial Governments.

Fee Structure M.Phil Criminology

M.Phil Criminology
Duration 2
Total Semester 4
Total Package 365,500
At Admission Time 28,500
Additional Charges at the time of Admission 2,700
Examination Fee 3,500
Total Amount (At Admission) 31,200
Installment 42563 * 8
Additional Charges at the time of Admission
Web Portal fee per year for Learning Management Syste 0
Library Security Fee (Refundable) 2,000
Student Card 200
Library & Magazine Fund 500
Total Additional Charges 2,700
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Scheme of Study

Semester 1

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 CRIM608 Criminalization and De-Criminalization 3
2 CRIM611 Green Criminology and Crime against Environment 3
3 CRIM618 Crime, Security and media in Pakistan 3

Semester 2

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 CRIM602 Criminal Justice System and Management 3
2 CRIM603 Cyber Crime and Cyber Laws 3
3 CRIM605 Social Policy and Crime 3
4 CRIM607 Methods for Criminal Investigation 3

Semester 3

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 FYPJ699 Research Thesis 3

Semester 4

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 FYPJ699 Research Thesis 3
2 CRIM612 Globalization and Transnational Crimes 3
3 PKST605 Philosophy of Social Science 3
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