MS Islamic Banking & Finance


The Master of Science (MS) in Islamic Banking and Finance program offers an advanced education that delves into the world of Islamic finance, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of its principles, practices, and applications. Rooted in the ethical and legal frameworks of Sharia law, this program is designed to equip students with the specialized knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of Islamic finance in today's global financial landscape.

From in-depth studies of Islamic financial instruments to critical analysis of regulatory frameworks and risk management principles, the MS program prepares graduates for leadership roles in Islamic banking, investment management, consultancy, regulation, and academia. With a focus on innovation, ethics, and sustainability, students emerge ready to address contemporary challenges and drive the continued growth and development of Islamic finance worldwide.


  • Develop students' comprehensive understanding of the theoretical foundations and practical applications of Islamic banking, finance, and economics within the framework of Sharia law.
  • Equip students with advanced knowledge of various Islamic financial instruments, modes of financing, and investment vehicles, enabling them to critically analyze and evaluate complex financial transactions and structures.
  • Provide students with specialized skills in areas such as risk management, financial modeling, Islamic asset management, and Islamic capital markets, preparing them for specialized roles within the Islamic finance industry.
  • Foster an international perspective by exploring the global dynamics of Islamic finance, including its role in different regions, its interaction with conventional finance, and its potential for sustainable economic development.
  • Emphasize the ethical principles and values inherent in Islamic finance, instilling in students a commitment to ethical conduct, social responsibility, and financial inclusion in their professional practice.
  • Cultivate students' research skills and analytical capabilities, encouraging them to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Islamic banking and finance through original research, innovation, and scholarly inquiry.
  • Provide students with opportunities for practical experience, industry networking, and professional development, enabling them to transition into leadership roles within Islamic financial institutions, regulatory bodies, consultancy firms, or academia.

Career Path

  • Islamic Banking Executive
  • Investment Manager
  • Financial Advisor/Consultant
  • Risk Manager/Analyst
  • Regulatory Compliance Specialist
  • Islamic Finance Researcher/Academic
  • Islamic Finance Analyst
  • Islamic Microfinance Specialist

Fee Structure MS Islamic Banking & Finance

MS Islamic Banking & Finance
Duration 2
Total Semester 4
Total Package 390,800
At Admission Time 28,500
Additional Charges at the time of Admission 2,700
Examination Fee 3,500
Total Amount (At Admission) 31,200
Installment 45725 * 8
Additional Charges at the time of Admission
Web Portal fee per year for Learning Management Syste 0
Library Security Fee (Refundable) 2,000
Student Card 200
Library & Magazine Fund 500
Total Additional Charges 2,700
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Scheme of Study

Semester 1

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 IBFA609 Islamic Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation 3
2 IBFA601 Islamic Financial Transactions (Theory & Operations) 3
3 IBFA631 Takaful : Islamic Insurance- Operations & Challenges 3
4 IBFA632 AAOIFI Shariah Standards 3
5 IBFA614 Modern Developments in Islamic Finance Industry 3

Semester 2

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
2 IBFA608 Risk Management in Islamic Banking & Finance 3
3 IBFA609 Islamic Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation 3
4 IBFA614 Modern Developments in Islamic Finance Industry 3

Semester 3

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
3 FYPJ699 Research Thesis 3
4 ECON601 Econometrics Methods I 3
5 IBFA632 AAOIFI Shariah Standards 3
6 IBFA610 Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance: Operations & Challenges 3

Semester 4

Sr.# Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 FYPJ699 Research Thesis 3
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