Minahj University is a dynamics community of students, teachers and staff committed to perform their duties at the highest standards. National and International concerns about quality of education in higher education institutions, has demanded change from traditional modes of teaching research, learning and management and to adopt a formal, transparent and credible system of quality assurance with external verification of outcomes and processes, keeping in view these requirement. Quality Enhancement Cell has been established at Minhaj University as per directive of HEC. Quality Enhancement Cell is responsible to promote higher standards of education and research in the University and develop quality assurance processes and evaluation methods.


Quality higher education has assumed a pivotal role in a fast changing world which has become more competitive and dynamic in the twenty first century.

University education plays perhaps the most important role in the development of any nation. It is a critical component of human development in any advanced society. It provides not only the level of skill necessary for the entire labor market but also the tools and ideas that lead to the development of a modern, civilized society. The GDP of advanced societies is directly related to the number of advanced training institutions and universities they have and the greatest nations on earth have only attained their status among the community of nation through their advanced and skilled manpower. The number of teachers, doctors, engineers, scientist and healthcare professionals, artists, humanists, development of the economy traders that universities generate leads to the development of the capacity and capability that drive the economies, support civil society, lead effective governments and important decisions which effect entire generations.


Minhaj University is committed to the ethics of excellence. Minhaj University is decided to develop well-groomed populace of Pakistan our vision is to impart education to a whole new generation of Pakistan who have a deep sense of their National responsibilities and can equally play their part as citizens of today's Globalized world.


Becoming a leading university with quality education and research in a highly competitive local / global environment.