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In the ever-changing world, we are faced with complex & multilateral economic challenges. At present the dynamism of economics, which can compete with day to day economic life, is most essential & highly required. Now the economics is no more a mere bookish theory rather the practical aspect of it, is needed to incorporate it in the real life. Policy making and the pragmatism at micro, meso & macro levels are the need of the hour; so that the fruits of the subject may be attained for national life. Today the courses of economics require a specific dimension which must provide the students a guideline and make them able enough to see through the complex economic life of present era & find the fruitful aspect of economics.

The School of economics at Minhaj University Lahore is aimed at providing training of the skills of economic Sciences to the students of Undergraduate, Graduate and Research Scholars.

We have designed the courses in such a way as to fulfill the requirements of economic life of today. We train & prepare the young economists to shoulder the requirements of the practical life and become the useful pillars of society. The School consists of expertise on Economic history, the contemporary economic theory development, present day economic issues and the economic policy formulation with rigorous research. The School schedules seminars at times and training workshops at regular intervals for research and techniques. The expertise concerning to the use of software packages i.e. SPSS, E Views, and STATA, related to the modern & pragmatic research in Economics, is the key feature of most of these workshops the School provides the platform for its students to be critical in their thinking about worldwide happenings in economic life.

The School is also trying to synthesis the Islamic economic history and theory with present day western economic thought and to make a new orientation most suitable for today’s economic needs & challenges. We are launching & initiating the specific economic courses for this purpose. Further the research is going on to introduce the basic Islamic system at micro, meso & macro levels to the scholars of today so that they may be able to contribute their share for the promotion of economic thought & theory.

In the global world of today, sharing of experiences and ideas promotes the capabilities and capacity to work. Keeping this view in consideration, the School of economics has established links with international economics publication institutions and top level universities of the world so that the students may be benefitted by the latest publishing economic research journals & books by the legends of economics. We have also established our own library where updated material concerning to the economic theory & literature is available in reasonable & modern quality and quantity.

The School has also established its online link named “minhaj economists” group at yahoo, for the guidance of and an easy access to the students. Latest economic books, research work and other material are available on the link and the access to every economics learner and student is totally free.

The School has contributed a lot in economic theory and literature by its publications at national and international levels. Further different research projects are going on in the School on latest issues and modern day complex economic life phenomenon.

As different researches have highlighted that the teaching of economics in Pakistan contains some basic faults due to which we are taking the students away from the true concepts rather than enriching them with modern concepts and techniques. The faculty at the School is committed to revolutionize the economic thinking and to rectify, amend and upgrade the traditional way of teaching.


Imparting theoretical and applied knowledge of economics and finance for the development of industry and economy.


We are committed to train our students through rigorous coursework and research to understand and solve economic and financial issues.

Programs Offered