Faculty of Languages



The Language faculty helps the students in developing their linguistic & cross-cultural proficiency, critical thinking and creative sensibilities required in modern society to lead a life with aesthetic consciousness and academic awareness so they can lead successful lives as productive members of society. At MUL, in addition to teaching languages, the programs are made to aid in comprehending foreign cultures and literary works as cultural competency is one of the workforce's most sought-after and highly valued qualities. Therefore, all programs in Language faculty cover diversity, tolerance, and inclusion. Moreover, this faculty is highly-ambitious about appreciating the diversity of people, ideas, and expressions around the globe. It combines linguistic ability with cultural awareness to deepen and broaden the learning process as it is an interdisciplinary discipline that allows students to pursue studies in language, linguistics, and literature and acquire linguistic skills and a deeper understanding of literary and cultural traditions. We promote a learning culture far beyond the classroom through research seminars, extracurricular activities, educational tours, workshops, symposiums, and social events. The department of languages firmly commits to diversity and offers a dynamic learning environment where students from all backgrounds can pursue various degrees.

There are three leading language schools in the faculty: the School of Arabic, School of English (Applied Linguistics & Literature), and School of Urdu. Moreover, English Language Center is also established to provide academic writing, communication skills, and basic English training. In addition to Arabic language and grammar, Urdu language and literature, faculty of Languages offers courses in English language, Applied linguistics, and English literature.