International center for research in Islamic economics (ICRIE) is a professional institution in the Muslim World dedicated to the cause of Islamic Economics. It was established in March 2014 with the primary objective to endeavor for an Islamic Economic Paradigm and to prepare scholars equipped with appropriately blended knowledge of Shariah injunctions and the mainstream economy. The ultimate objective of ICRIE is to present the true Islamic perspective of the economic and financial system. ICRIE works in collaboration with a  number of National and International research institutes, especially School of Islamic Economics, Business and finance(SIEBF), School of Economics, School of Management Sciences and other Minhaj University Institutes.

ICRIE arranges different workshops, seminars, training, and international conferences, related to various Islamic and contemporary economic, policy and governance issues. The World Islamic economics and finance conference (WIEFC) is arranged by ICRIE in collaboration with international research bodies in January every year.